Madikwe Futures Company NPC

Bringing Back Africa.
Our Mission

We are a South African non-profit assisting with the operations of Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. Our overarching objective is to continue to provide a protected area that preserves the incredible biodiversity within the Reserve, which is home to many threatened and endangered species—including black and white rhino, cheetah, and African wild dogs.

Madikwe Futures Company NPC.

Bringing Back Africa.

Anti-poaching Unit

Rhinos are under constant threat because of the poaching epidemic. Madikwe is proud to have a highly effective anti-poaching unit. We are committed to maintaining and strengthening that unit, and to broaden its reach to assist with the capture of poachers across the country. Rhinos, and all of the other wildlife here in the Reserve, deserve a safe haven. When they thrive, humanity thrives.

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Madikwe Futures Company NPC is a registered South African non-profit company. Donations made by South African taxpayers are tax deductible.

Madikwe Futures Company NPC.

Bringing Back Africa.

Who We Are

Madikwe Futures is the representative body of the concessionaires in Madikwe Game Reserve. In a “first” in conservation, we have partnered with North West Parks Board to provide critical funding, skills and resources, and to actively assist with the oversight and operations of the Reserve.

This arrangement complements Madikwe’s
successful “people-based conservation” model, wherein North West Parks Board, a South African governmental entity, manages Madikwe. The various lodges in the Reserve are privately- or community- owned, and they work with Parks Board for everyone’s benefit.

Madikwe Futures Company NPC. Bringing Back Africa.

What We Do: Our 2019 Projects

Brand new APU Vehicles

We have purchased 4 new Ford Rangers for our anti-poaching unit. The vehicles are currently undergoing special modifications, transforming them into top-of-the-line anti-poaching vehicles.

Ops Room and Reserve-wide Network

The war on poaching requires sophisticated monitoring & surveillance. We are constructing an Ops Room for centralised intelligence, and creating a Reserve-wide local area network enabling the Ops Room to be in continuous contact with all gates and cameras in the Reserve 24/7.

Gate Access Security

We are increasing security and controls to access the Reserve, including by requiring pre-authorisation of all guests, scanning fingerprints, and checking vehicle discs and license plates.

Clearing Sicklebush

The pioneer plant sicklebush is aggressively growing in the Reserve, preventing growth of other plants. Our new bush-clearing machine has arrived and we have begun training operators how to use it.

Why We Do It

Madikwe boasts the “Magnificent Seven”: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah and African wild dogs. Our ecosystem extends beyond these iconic animals to include over 60 species of mammals, over 400 species of birds, and a host of reptiles and amphibians. Madikwe is also one of a handful of places with daylight sightings of the elusive brown hyena.

Madikwe encompasses over 75,000 hectares (about 750 square kilometres or 290 square miles), and is about the size of Cape Town. There are about 30 privately- and community-owned luxury lodges in the Reserve. Madikwe is malaria-free and is an easy 5-hour drive from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport. Charter flights service our airstrips daily, and the Reserve may also be reached by helicopter.

Madikwe has always been at the forefront of conservation. Almost 30 years ago, the area was used for cattle-grazing. When the government converted the land to a nature reserve, that massive project (called Operation Phoenix) was the world’s largest wildlife relocation at the time. Since then, Madikwe has earned a reputation of excellence as one of the best game reserves on the African continent.

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